Health, Illness & Accidents

In the event of an accident, a First Aider is always in attendance and will be responsible for deciding on appropriate action. Should your child need hospital treatment an ambulance will be called and a parent/carer contacted.

A member of our team will remain with the child and will consent to medical treatment so long as the Emergency Medical Treatment Form in this pack has been completed and signed. Should a child become ill during a session their parent/carer will be contacted and asked to collect their child.

Children should then remain at home for at least 24 hours. Wherever possible, medication should be taken at home. If it is necessary to take medication during sessions an Administering Medications Form must be completed and signed. Our team members may refuse to administer medication that has not been prescribed by a GP.

The following list contains the minimum exclusion periods from the setting for illness and disease:

DiseasePeriod of Exclusion
Antibiotics Subscribed First 24 Hours
Chicken Pox 7 days from when rash first appeared
Conjunctivitis 24 hours or until eyes stop "weeping"
Diarrhoea and/or vomiting 24 Hours
Diphtheria 2-5 Days
Gastro-enteritis, Food poisoning, Salmonella and Dysentery 24 hours or until advised by doctor
Glandular Fever Until Certified Well
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease During acute phase and while rash and ulcers are present
Hepatitis A 7 days from onset of jaundice and when recovered
Hepatitis B Until clinically well
High temperature 24 Hours
Impetigo Until skin has healed
Infective hepatitis 7 days from onset
Measles 7 days from when rash first appeared
Meningitis Until certified well
Mumps 7 days minimum or until swelling subsides
Pediculosis (lice) Until treatment has been given
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) 21 days from onset
Plantar Warts Should be treated and covered
Poliomyelitis Until Certified Well
Ringworm of Scalp Until Cured
Ringworm of the body Until Treatment Has Been Given
Rubella (German Measles) 4 days from onset of rash
Scarlet fever and streptococcal 3 days from the start of treatment
infection of the throat Until treatment has been given
Scabies Until treatment has been given
Tuberculosis Until declared free from infection by a doctor
Typhoid Fever Until declared free from infection by a doctor
Warts (including verrucae) Exclusion not necessary. Sufferer should keep feet covered.

If an infectious or communicable disease is detected on the premises parents/carer will be informed in writing as soon as possible.

All accidents and incidents regarding a child's health and safety are logged in the Accident or Incident Record book and parents are requested to sign to acknowledge the incident and any action taken by team members. Any injuries a child has on arrival at the setting will also be recorded in the accident book and again parents will be asked to sign. Incoming accidents are noted purely for team awareness and are not recorded for any other purpose.