Our Approach

The Team

Our team are all suitably qualified or are working towards qualification, have relevant experience and have undergone full Criminal Record Bureau checks. The setting is graduate led and maintains Early Years Professional status. Lead Practitioners are qualified to at least NVQ level 3 appropriate to the post with some also attaining EYP status. All our team members are committed to ongoing training ensuring the highest standards of care at Barnston Buddies are maintained.

Admissions and Fees

We provide a fair and open admission system that offers competitive pricing and a good value service. As a provider of registered childcare we both encourage and actively support eligible parents/carers claiming and taking up the childcare element of the Working Tax Credit.

To ensure admissions to the Group are offered on a fair and transparent basis, the waiting list is kept and used on the following basis:

  • Places for the Pre-school/Playgroup will be allocated on the 1st April for the school year beginning the following September. We would therefore ask all parents/carers who wish their child to attend, to return their completed application form before the 31st March.

Playgroup - 16 place

Priority to:

  • Children with siblings already attending either Barnston Buddies or Barnston Primary School.
  • Children living within the Barnston School catchment area.
  • Older children.

Pre-school - 24 place

  • Requests for places during their Pre-school year will be required by 31st March (including those registered and attending Playgroup).
  • Children already attending Playgroup will have priority for Pre-school places.
  • All other places will be allocated as for Playgroup criteria. Where possible, as part of our Equal Opportunities Policy, we intend to reserve a number of places to allow us to meet the needs of children moving into the area, parents working shifts, emergency care or Special needs.
  • Places within the Out of School Clubs will be awarded firstly to children who already have siblings within this facility.
  • Priority will be given for Holiday Club to those children regularly attending Out of School Clubs during term time.
  • Other places will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

All fees are charged monthly in advance.

Benefit to registered children

Advanced booking is advised, however, parents may wish to use the care facility at Barnston Buddies with little notice. Providing a place is available you can just turn up and book in your child. Payment for this facility is required at the time of booking.


Should you wish to cancel your child's place, one months notice is required or you will be charged for this period.

Uncollected Children

If aparent/careris more than 15 minutes late in collecting their child themanager will call the parent/ carer or any other emergency contact,in order to ascertain the cause for delay. Messages will be left on any answer phone requesting a prompt reply. If after repeated attempts no contact is made and a further 30 minutes elapses the Manager will contact the local social services department for advice. The child will remain in the care of Barnston Buddies with two members of our team until they are collected.

Partnership with Parents

Barnston Buddies recognizes the fundamental role of parents/carers in a child's development. We are committed to working in partnership with parents to provide high quality, safe and stimulating care. We operate an open door policy, where parents/carers are welcome into the setting to discuss any aspects of their child's progress or to share their experiences and expertise with the children. Parents will be kept informed of activities and events through regular newsletters. Records or information held by ourselves on a child may be shared with parents at regular parents meetings, and will remain confidential unless written consent is given or it is subject to investigation by the police or other statutory agencies. A comprehensive set of our Policies and Procedures is available for inspection by parents/carers from the Office and copies of individual policies can be provided on request.


If your child is going to be absent, Barnston Buddies should be informed well in advance of the start of the appropriate session.

Equal Opportunities

All children are respected and their individuality recognised, valued and nurtured. We aim to provide an environment that promotes and reflects cultural and social diversity and is equally accessible to all. We endeavour to challenge any offensive behaviour, language or attitudes with regards to race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, culture, gender, language, sexual orientation and disability.

Child Protection

The welfare of the children is paramount and we are committed to protecting all the children in our care. A member of our team is appointed as the Child Protection Officer. If it is suspected that a child in our care has been or is in danger of being abused, the local social services department will be informed. Written and verbal information and evidence may be disclosed in order to assist social services and the police, during any investigation. If a member of our team is accused of abuse they are likely to be suspended during the period of investigation.

At all times the safety, protection and interest of the child will take precedence.

Special Needs

We recognise the wide range of special needs of children and will endeavour to meet these needs. Our premises have been designed to be accessible to all. Children with special needs and/or physical disabilities are fully considered when planning and preparing activities to ensure their needs are met. Children of all abilities are brought together so that they are free to play together, learn about one another and form friendships. Our fully operational sensory room enhances our ability to stimulate a broad spectrum of additional needs.


We are committed to ensuring Barnston Buddies remains a bully free zone. Bullying is not acceptable in any form and incidents of bullying are taken seriously and investigated fully. Parents/carers and children´┐Żs concerns regarding bullying will always be listened to and we will work with them in confidence to resolve any issues.

Food and Drink

We recognise the importance of healthy eating and a balanced and nutritious diet. A variety of foods are offered and special dietary needs can be catered for. Sweets are not regularly provided and excessive amounts of fatty or sugary foods are avoided. A choice of sugar free drinks and fresh water is available at all times. Lunches provided for children are sourced from a local caterer and provide a healthy, balanced meal option, using fresh produce.


Most complaints can be settled quickly and informally through the Room Supervisor or the Manager. Should you wish to pursue a complaint further it should be directed to:

The Complaints Officer
Early Years
3rd Floor, Royal Exchange Buildings
St Ann's Square, Manchester M2 7LA

Telephone: 0300 123 1231

Barnston Buddies is regulated by Ofsted who ensure our compliance with the latest National Care Standards. They have a programme of inspections and reports that will be displayed on the parent's notice board. A copy can also be viewed or downloaded on www.ofsted.gov.uk

If an infectious or communicable disease is detected on the premises parents/carer will be informed in writing as soon as possible.

All accidents and incidents regarding a child,s health and safety are logged in the Accident or Incident Record book and parents are requested to sign to acknowledge the incident and any action taken by team members. Any injuries a child has on arrival at the setting will also be recorded in the accident book and again parents will be asked to sign. Incoming accidents are noted purely for team awareness and are not recorded for any other purpose.